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FeedingFrenzie's Journal

Friday, December 20, 2002

12:24AM - Be there or Be square

Dec. 23 THIS MONDAY (my 21st B-day)

8 o'clock Dave and Buster's
until we get bored or low on cash then The Stadium Club for quarter beer night and cheap pitchers!

Most of my friend's aren't joining until Stadium CLub but, the more the merrier....

I know out of all my LJ buddies Mandy, Hannah and Robert better show up at some point to watch me vomit!

Current mood: crazy

Sunday, December 1, 2002


I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner.....

Thursday, November 21, 2002


Whats the plan for Turkey Day friends?

Wednesday, November 13, 2002


I just realized my favorite creamer (Internatoinal Creamers) is produced by MorningStar perhaps I am just as tastey :)

Current mood: okay

Tuesday, November 5, 2002


Boys and Girls!

Dont forget, BYOA tonight. I love you all, but I cant afford to be the bartender tonight =0( Sorry. I cant wait to see y'all. I can smell the chili cooking and we already started on the salsa. =0) Its GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

Current mood: ecstatic


Okay well Jason is unable to walk seeing as he sprained his ankle...in a way this is good. he can now come tonight...:)

We weill be late because I am working but, should arrive at 10:30 if not earlier...

See everyone there :)

Current mood: cranky

2:25AM - Icons?....

I thought you guys might enjoy these...to our lovely moderator, if you see one to use here, feel free to nab it.
(heck, if any of you want one, grab it.) all icons are courtesy of mizbehavin in the iconaddicts community, taken with permission.


Current mood: tired

Monday, November 4, 2002

1:13AM - i am excited

i am really excited about tuesday. lets take a head count. who will be at mandys AFTER YOU VOTE? i will.

Current mood: hyper


Wohoo...I am at Mandy's and I just wanted to say neener neener....sorry folks...but, I missed out on the first one.

I am so special


Current mood: full

Sunday, November 3, 2002


Ok, I admit, Robert and Nicole and I are cheating on the rest of you. They are on thier way over to have dinner. Sorry.

Can you ever just forgive?

And yes, right now, I am about to go eat some FRESH salsa =) No worries though, Mexican night is still a G O ! Tonight its.. Kielbasa Pasta!

Current mood: hungry

Saturday, November 2, 2002


I think when it is my turn to host our dinner affair, it shall be Mickey D's fore veryone...Oh lets go on 39 cent cheeseburger day...then you can eat as much as you want :)

Current mood: creative

Friday, November 1, 2002

8:36AM - Dinner club??

Hey Y'all

We should try to get together for "dinner" once a week, that way those who cant be incorparted on days that Jeff has off can still come sometimes. I heard a rumor that Miss Hannah makes some mean food.

I cant cook, but I can order pizza LMFAO

What do yall think?

Current mood: curious


I think we need a community icon, or 2. What do you guys think?

Current mood: curious

Thursday, October 31, 2002


I have been up for fourty one minutes.

Wanna know why?

B/C I spilled a Bacardi that was next to my bed, on me, at 6am, when I rolled over, and well, it was cold. Thats all I have to say.

1:33AM - sorry for the cross-posting, but...

Happy Halloween!!

Current mood: happy

Wednesday, October 30, 2002


The thing is Jeff works usually ALL day, so for him to cook it will have to be on his day off, and all yall just have pesky jobs!

Looks like it will be jeff hannah and mandy!


Current mood: cheerful

12:22PM - I am tired....

I actually had the hardest time fallign asleep last night. I hate when my man sleeps on my side of the bed. I just toss and turn all night....THis unfortunately gets my mind racing. It is only during these times I actually pre-plan what to type in my journal....I have many topics to choose from and seeing as I have multiple places to write them perhaps I will discuss all of them.....

First of all I am taking a vote...and since I am a broke bitch and cannot afford to have a paid account it will not be as a poll....just tell me which one you think (the number)....and I will warn you ahead of time....I have too much sparre time so it is rather much....

What in your opinion makes a couple reach the Too comfortable stage?

1. Clipping Toenails in bed.

2.Clipping toenails in bed and then going to the bathroom in front of the other person.

3. Clipping toenails in bed, then going to the bathroom in front of the other person, then popping each other's zits on their backs.

4.Clipping toenails in bed, then going to the bathroom in front of the other person, then popping each other's zits on their backs,next laying down in bed together and farting?

5.Clipping toenails in bed, then going to the bathroom in front of the other person, then popping each other's zits on their backs,next laying down in bed together and farting, then holding the sheets over the other person's head to make them smell it?

Current mood: crazy

9:50AM - Awsome!

This is great! A group for all my specail friends...some I have met and other that I will meet! I got a lot of love, so bask in it! Really what I am trying to say, use me and abuse me....that is what I am use to! =P

Current mood: cheerful


Dinner details.

My place (as usual)

630pm is eat time, be there anytime before that

Keep in mind there are kids all over (bedtime is 730ish though)

I need a who will be there count by Sunday!

7:22AM - It is Official

I just spoke with my personal chef *wink* and its dinner Tuesday night, Mexican night.

Home made salsa, chili, and fajita's!!

Of course memebers of this community are invited (and it is invitation only LOL)

who needs directions?

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